Sponsorship Should Get You More Than Your Logo On A Shirt

How many ratty old 5k tee shirts do you have in your closet right now? I probably have ten. At least. Without looking, can you name any company logos on those shirts? Me neither. Philanthropy and giving back to organizations that are important to you should be part of your annual budget. With some extra […]

Personal Branding Horror Stories + Inspiration

Personal Branding Horror Stories and Inspiration| Ashley Sieb for Green Loop Marketing, Indianapolis Marketing Agency

Welcome back to part two of Getting Started with Personal Branding—Personal Branding Horror Stories and Inspiration—from guest blogger, Ashely Sieb. If you missed part one, you can catch-up here. In part two, Ashley shares more tips on creating your personal brand, including how to measure your success, some branding horror stories, and who to follow […]

The Best Advice from Content Marketing World 2018

The Best Advice from Content Marketing World 2018 - Green Loop Marketing

First things first. The title is a lie. Well, kind of. Content Marketing World was packed with loads of tips and inspiration from some pretty brilliant content marketers. However, if you’ve ever been to a large conference, you know that it’s near impossible to soak in information from all the choices in sessions. So, half-truth-filled […]