3 Lessons from my Marketing Internship

This spring we welcomed Butler junior Nadia Issa to our team as a marketing intern. In addition to doing great work, Nadia brought an awesome energy and vibrance that our team needed after a year of Zoom meetings! As her internship comes to an end, Nadia shares her three favorite lessons she gathered along the way.


I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work with Green Loop Marketing as part of my internship with Butler University’s Old National Bank Center for Business Excellence this spring.

Although, I have marketing experience with specific expertise in social media, marketing is not my major, which made this opportunity valuable. I was immersed in what it meant to work for a marketing agency in all aspects – from project management to company culture.

I had the opportunity to work on multiple client-focused projects that challenged me and helped me grow professionally. I had the chance to experience the field of marketing far beyond the classes I have taken. The experience was career-changing.

When coming into the internship, I had a preconceived notion of what marketing agencies do. And my thought process has changed from the very first meeting I had with Green Loop!


I learned about the value of my talent.

At the age of twenty years old, I have built a social media empire: an Instagram account dedicated to empowering young adults to go after their dreams and to never allow stereotypes to define them.

On my route to building this empire, I learned every aspect there is to know about the Instagram algorithm. By the age of nineteen, I knew how to grow a new or existing Instagram account in a matter of days. I never quite saw the value of this ability until I joined the Green Loop team.

As an intern, I realized how valuable my knowledge is and how beneficial it is to companies. I had the opportunity to work on different client-facing projects that allowed me to use my skills to add value to different companies. This internship opportunity not only gave me a platform to add value to different companies but built me up as a marketing professional.

I am more confident in my skills, and that’s something that will forever change my life.


 I learned about how the four major social media algorithms function.

There are four main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As I mentioned in my previous point, I knew Instagram’s algorithm well. When I started my internship, I had the impression that they are all the same. And two weeks into my internship, I learned that it is the exact opposite!

Although these platforms have many things in common, they are wired differently. Each platform’s algorithm plays by different rules – meaning what works on Instagram may not necessarily work for LinkedIn. These algorithms change regularly, so keeping up with them is always important.


I learned about Facebook Ads Manager.

Social media is highly saturated with countless brands working to be seen on each platform. Facebook Ads Manager is a great tool to target specific groups of people in a saturated platform leading to an increase in impressions and potential clients.

I had the pleasure of getting an inside look into how to set up a campaign and monitor an existing campaign. This knowledge is something I am tremendously grateful for and can’t wait to use in the future.

Thank you for this life-changing opportunity, Green Loop. I have grown professionally and had the privilege to network with exceptional people thanks to this experience. I enjoyed being a part of the team and felt at home from the start of the opportunity.


We’re grateful for you, Nadia, and are so thankful to have you as part of our team. Readers, join us in following Nadia on Instagram – we can’t wait to see where her journey takes her next!


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