10 Social Media Terms and Meanings to Know

10 Social Media Terms and Meanings to Know | Green Loop Marketing Indianapolis

Have you ever been in a marketing meeting where you didn’t understand what was being discussed? Or maybe you’ve received a social media report and everything seemed like a foreign language? Have no fear, we’re here to help! Social media marketing has many buzzwords and terms that even seasoned social media managers can have a […]

Why Culture Marketing is Good for Business

Tech Office Space Why Culture Marketing is Good for Business

We’ve all seen it: the infamous ping pong table and Nerf gun posts companies love to make on Instagram touting their culture with a caption along the lines of, “We’re so cool. We have games and beer!“ As much as you’d probably like it to, posting a picture of your office’s free La Croix doesn’t […]

5 Instagram Best Practices to Follow Now

We recently welcomed Stephanie Onyeiwu to our team and are excited to share her first blog for Green Loop! A recent Butler graduate, Stephanie is a data-driven marketer with a passion for research and strategy. Look for more from Stephanie as you stay In the Loop!  Ninety percent of users on Instagram follow a brand […]

Engaging with Empathy Amid COVID-19

Engaging with Empathy Amid COVID-19

We’ve been having a lot of client conversations over the last 48 hours on what to do with all that day-to-day marketing in light of COVID-19. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Do you hold off on ads, emails, and social posts? Continue in an effort to keep businesses running and people employed for as long as possible? It’s a […]

9 Marketing Trends for 2020

9 Marketing Trends for 2020

  Keeping up with marketing advancements is a full-time job. It wasn’t that long ago when it took weeks (if not months) to roll out a new print ad or brochure. Today, you’re lucky to blink before a new marketing request for your team appears. We asked nine marketing professionals across an assortment of industries […]

Are Social Media Ads for Your Business? — 4 Questions to Ask

Are Social Media Ads for Your Business?—4 Questions to Ask

By Jordan Shea The low cost and high trackability of social media ad spend entices new businesses daily. Despite stories of novices having viral-like success, social media ads require a lot of planning to execute properly. The power of social algorithms can do more harm than good without thoughtful strategy and understanding of your audience. […]

3 Big Social Media Trends for 2019

Green Loop Marketing - 3 Big Social Media Trends for 2019

Usually, when I think of a business trend, I imagine some new flashy tech tool. Or a phrase from a popular book that everyone jumps on board with for a year, maybe two, then loses interest. However, looking at trends as the direction in which something is headed, gives something more solid upon which to […]

9 Marketing Trends for 2019

9 Marketing Trends for 2019

We can’t help it. We’re addicted to keeping up with the latest trends in marketing. So when we saw the new year looming on the calendar, we jumped at the excuse to reach out to some of our favorite marketing leaders to see what trends they saw on the horizon for 2019.

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

How To Conduct A Social Media Audit - Green Loop Marketing - Marketing Agency in Indianapolis, IN

So many variables contribute to the success of each of your social posts. Timing. Copy. Graphics or video. Audience. Hashtags. The algorithm of each social channel. All of this and more makes it tough to truly judge your efforts from day-to-day. Social media takes time, persistence, and even more time. It’s a long game. Sure, […]