5 Things to Not Freak Out About with Your Social Media

5 Things to Not Freak Out About with Your Social Media, Green Loop Marketing

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Social media is hard, even for the pros.  Platforms are constantly changing. Algorithms shift. What got amazing engagement one day barely resonates the next. It’s easy to find yourself getting disappointed, especially when it comes to your organic social media efforts.  The good news? The things you’re […]

3 Lessons from my Marketing Internship

Nadia Issa Internship Post

This spring we welcomed Butler junior Nadia Issa to our team as a marketing intern. In addition to doing great work, Nadia brought an awesome energy and vibrance that our team needed after a year of Zoom meetings! As her internship comes to an end, Nadia shares her three favorite lessons she gathered along the […]

5 Instagram Best Practices to Follow Now

We recently welcomed Stephanie Onyeiwu to our team and are excited to share her first blog for Green Loop! A recent Butler graduate, Stephanie is a data-driven marketer with a passion for research and strategy. Look for more from Stephanie as you stay In the Loop!  Ninety percent of users on Instagram follow a brand […]

Sponsorship Should Get You More Than Your Logo On A Shirt

How many ratty old 5k tee shirts do you have in your closet right now? I probably have ten. At least. Without looking, can you name any company logos on those shirts? Me neither. Philanthropy and giving back to organizations that are important to you should be part of your annual budget. With some extra […]