8 Marketing Trends for 2021

8 Marketing Trends for 2021 Green Loop Marketing Indianapolis

After surviving the past year, one has to wonder if there is even a point to predicting trends for the next year. After all, in 2020 most marketers had to toss their intricate strategies in the trash and quickly pivot to tactics that made more sense during a pandemic. Despite the fact that many marketers […]

Why Culture Marketing is Good for Business

Tech Office Space Why Culture Marketing is Good for Business

We’ve all seen it: the infamous ping pong table and Nerf gun posts companies love to make on Instagram touting their culture with a caption along the lines of, “We’re so cool. We have games and beer!“ As much as you’d probably like it to, posting a picture of your office’s free La Croix doesn’t […]

9 Marketing Trends for 2020

9 Marketing Trends for 2020

  Keeping up with marketing advancements is a full-time job. It wasn’t that long ago when it took weeks (if not months) to roll out a new print ad or brochure. Today, you’re lucky to blink before a new marketing request for your team appears. We asked nine marketing professionals across an assortment of industries […]

9 Marketing Trends for 2019

9 Marketing Trends for 2019

We can’t help it. We’re addicted to keeping up with the latest trends in marketing. So when we saw the new year looming on the calendar, we jumped at the excuse to reach out to some of our favorite marketing leaders to see what trends they saw on the horizon for 2019.

5 Top Social Media Trends for 2018

Just wrapping up its sixth year, the Social Media Marketing World (SMMW) conference is known for featuring some of the best minds in social media marketing today. Our Director of Communications, Meghan Martin, attended this year’s conference and had the following to report. As I walked out of this year’s SMMW conference, pushed the Uber […]