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  • Social Media Management

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  • Design

United State of Indiana has built one of Indiana’s coolest apparel brands, celebrating all things Hoosier and pop culture. The small but mighty team was ready to take their marketing to the next level and turned to Green Loop for social media support and strategy. 

They also entrusted the Green Loop team to help them explore influencer marketing. Together we successfully launched their first influencer campaigns and, combined with additional social support, helped them increase sales from social by 900%. Website traffic increased by 300% within the first year of partnership.

“Since bringing on Green Loop, our brand’s presence online has become consistent, thoughtful and measured.”

Graham Brown | United State of Indiana | Green Loop Marketing Indianapolis

As small business owners, we’ve spent over a decade constantly having too much on our plate. Growing a clothing brand relies on getting fresh content in front of our customers on a regular basis, and the consistency and quality of that communication often suffered as our daily attentions were focused elsewhere.

Since bringing on Green Loop, our brand’s presence online has become consistent, thoughtful and measured. The Green Loop team took the necessary time to really understand our brand, our voice and our customers. Now, we trust them to fully manage both our paid and organic social media presence and we know that the brand is in good hands. In addition to managing and streamlining the marketing efforts we already had in place, Green Loop also took the initiative to extend us into new areas–like influencer marketing and community PR—that we simply would have never had time for before.

Communication with the Green Loop team is easy and reliable. They feel like colleagues and members of our team, not contractors. We know that Green Loop is genuinely invested in the success of our business and that goes a long way when navigating the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship.

Graham Brown

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